Ibis Jakarta, Sleeping nicely over reducing the Aircon to min & tugged in the blanket. Around 11AM woke up due to call from the Govt Representative of Papua Province of Indonesia, informing my flight schedule. 

The flight at midnight from Jakarta to Jayapura, the eastern corner of Indonesia, with flying hours around 6+ hours. 

The representative & others are waiting for me at Jakarta Airport at 9 & room was booked for in in Transit Hotel. 

Forgetting it’s a public holiday I started little late at 2PM & endup stuck in famous Indonesian Traffic Jam ( Macet ). Took little more than 2 hours to reach the airport which would be normally take little less than an Hour. 

Checked in again in Jakarta Airport Transit Hotel  & fallen asleep. Indonesia punctuality woke me up at 9PM & has a long shower & left the hotel to airport at 9.30PM. 

Booked in Batik Air, Business Class, thought would check-in over normal business class counters. To my shock upon arrival in the airport, 2 police officers stopped me & upon checking my name, handed over me the Airlines Manager. 

All the 3 took my baggages & Escorted me thrg VIP entrance & provided me the VIP lounge. They took the baggages for check-in. 

Good Treatment & Hospitality. 

The flight was at 11.50 & no one cares us till 12.30 & I was literally scared thinking will this guys gonna put me on the flight or holding me back. 

Making my thoughts wrong the manager came n escorted to the flight. I’m the last one to board the flight and once got the belts buggled in, the doors been locked. 

Here starts the overnight flight of 6 hours across the islands of Indonesia till the eastern end across diff time zone. Overlooking my ex gfs & their places below me with sweet old memories & was watching few movies & cant sleep over the night. Had a good food over the flight.

After a sleepless long night fight, landed at Jayapura Sentani Airport in the morning with beautiful view of the Sentani Lake.

Collected the baggages & took an hour long trip by road with escorts to the city of victory ( Indonesian ), Jayapura. 

Jayapura once called Hollandia, then renamed as Irian Jaya & finally settled as Jayapura. The city was formed over 100 years & was under Japanese while WW II. The airport was constructed by the Japanese. 

Finally checked-in at Hotel Fave. Everything was fine in Fave, but only bad was can’t smoke in the room and need to go down to level 3 to smoke. Most of the time I spend time with coffee n juice with smoke over the level 3 during the stay in Fave. 


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