Morning Walk-out.

As Jayapura 9GMT, AS well i woke-up at 5AM, it’s too tough to find someone to talk due too diff time zone.

Malaysia / HK : 4AM

Jakarta / BKK : 3AM

India : 1.30AM

Bored and don’t know whom to chit chat with. Decided to walk around in the morning. Love that too. 

Went down to Level 3, to boost up energy level.

After a glass full of fresh watermelon juice which makes me warm n fresh, Walked down Jl Gen Ahmed Yani towards the Bay. 

Jayapura is one amoung the cities in the world with bay covered by hills on the 3 sides. 

Everyone is busy with their routine and didn’t cared me as they might have seen me as fellow Papuan. But I’m not. But few girls do cares, but I’m not in a mood for them. Sorry, better luck next time. hAhAhA.

Finally reached the small pier, but actually not pier. Its sort of. 

The sun was about to rise and the other side was the Jayapura Hill.  ( Pictures of Jayapura Hill will be on next blog – A day Out in Jayapura ) 

It was super refreshing watching the sun rise. Walked around the pier for sometime, spend time watching sunrise and took pics.

Suddenly thought of the security personnel informed me previous night that will have to leave at 8AM for the day out in Jayapura. So decided to leave back to hotel to get ready as it’s almost 6.45.

Took almost 10 mins to reach back the hotel and went for shower. 


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