Day-out in Jayapura

Over the past week busy with official meetings, Dinners, Discussions over Contracts / Agreements, really feel tired and bored. Jayapura is a nice scenic place and lovable landscape with natural beauty. During the busy schedule on the weekday, managed to get few hours during lunch had a drive out to Pacific Garden on the scenic hill over north of Jayapura. If one can swim across the Pacific Ocean from Jayapura, hope can save few hundred $ on flight to California. hAhAhA.

My part of work been finished by Wednesday and left alone and bored. Spending time over restoran, Smoking, Drinking Fresh Juices & Fish Curry, Pisang Goreng & Coffee. ( Only can smoke in level 3 ). The funiest part, a pack of cig cost me 24,000 but the hotel imposes fine for smoking in room at 2M for a cig. Ridiculous.

Felt bored and planned for a day out & started to plan with inputs from people to make a perfect day –out starting at the following order.

  1. Teletubis
  2. Lake Sentani
  3. Harlen Beach. But skipped it due to the driver said its far. Hence Changed it to Holtelkam Beach and the driver changed it again to Base G.

Everyday use to woke up at 5AM, and felt bored as no one to talk, as its +9GMT, contacts on my phone use to sleep for few more hours. So use to spend time walking around the Bay and back to restoran for break fast.

So started the day at 5AM, walk around the bay and came back to room had shower and got ready at 7AM. Planned to move out at 9AM. The driver was there at 8 and asked him to have breakfast at the hotel as I stay alone, I can have guest for breakfast.


Left hotel at 9AM for an hour plus travel to Lake Sentani & Teletubis over the road along the banks of lake Sentani. It was a scenic road and don’t feel its an hour plus. Felt as im  in Kingston as lots of Papuans resembles Jamaican’s as well their head band in red yellow and green, Rastafari Movement.

About an hour with scenic drive finally reached Teletubis, a narrow strip of hill inside the lake sentani, with scenic view over the lake and lots of huts to sit and relax.


Have to walk up the steep hill, slippery and rocky. Finally managed to get up the hill spending lots of energy & exhausted.

Got few more climbed up the hill with us. 2 girls with her baby, 4 guys out of 2 are paragliders.


Had a brief conversation and settled to fly for a short trip for 150.000IDR. Seems so cheaper calculating in MYR comes around 50RM as well 11USD.

Took few shots over the scenic hill and lake. The lake was in a shape of Dragon and Teletubis is over the head shaped.

Then passed the phone to the driver and took a short fly and landed near the car park, marking end of the trip to Teletubis.


Then started ahead to Pantai Base G, which was on the east of Jayapura.

Stopped on the way back for Air Kelapa ( Tender Coconut ) over the scenic hill from where we can have a look over Skrow – land border of Indonesia & Papua New Guinea, Hamadi Beach and the south Bay of Jayapura, where indigenous people still live over the waters as well the Christian Saint & Preacher ( Forgot the name ) landed in Papua.

As not feeling hungry over the Tender Coconut, decided to go up the Jayapura Hill. Looked so close when watched from down, but it take a long way to get it the hill top. It was awesome scenary over the city of Jayapura & the Bay from the hill top.

After spending an hour over there, started back to jayapura for lunch and had Nasi Uduk, Ayam Goreng & fresh juice.

Reached the Beach around 3 plus and spend some time sitting over the shores watching people playing over waters.

As I don’t have company insisted the driver to join me in waters and he was not good in swimming and he scared to get long into waters. It was so clear and blue waters and can see the seabed even in the waters around 500 metres from the shore. Floated in waters for hours and it was awesome beach. Added Pantai Base G, in my favorite list of beaches around the world.

Started back to hotel and found huge crowd jus in front of Governor’s Office, when enquired the driver said its reptiles. So said putar putar ( turn back) to go back & watch. Im scared to touch the snakes and reptiles but who cares to take pictures.

Funny creatures knows how to give pose for picture.


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